Hyper-fast Heroes

How do you fancy being a super hero?

We are looking for people to pop their head above the crowd and volunteer to be a ‘hyper-fast hero’ for their community.

There are still many rural and semi-rural areas in the UK that do not have access to high speed broadband. A commodity that many people and organisations take for granted can be inaccessible to a rural community where national broadband providers cannot provide an affordable solution to install the required infrastructure.

Although we know which areas in the UK have no access, we do not know which towns and villages need it the most.

Our mission is to deliver fibre to the many, but we can only do so much to get the word out there about InternetTY. This is where our hyper-fast heroes can help out and champion the need for fibre.

Why should Hyper-fast Heroes help?

The negative impact for many residents experiencing slow and unreliable broadband can be great.

Business working at home isn’t an option and homework and research for the kids is frustratingly slow. And what catch up TV or online entertainment package is worth the money when buffering, egg-timers or loading wheels provide unbearable viewing?

Hyper-fast heroes can make all of the above a distant memory

How do hyper-fast heroes help?

By investing a few hours of your time to help your community.

We know where the broadband speed is slow, but not always where the demand for fibre is high. If you think your community is a hot-spot in need of hyper-fast broadband as quickly as possible then tell us about it today.

We’ll add you to our hyper-fast heroes programme and create you a dedicated contact link that you and your contacts can use to register the interest for your community. If more than 30% of your community ‘shout out’ then we will make your community the next stop on our nationwide rollout programme.

What is in it for hyper-fast heroes?

Hyper-fast broadband of course! That and one month of free Internet service for every fifteen referrals of friends and family that join us to go live at their address! It really is that easy.

So what are you waiting for?

Complete our simple Heroes Programme application form and we will be in touch to explain everything you need to make your community love you! And love us!