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Vulnerable Person Policy

1. Introduction and Purpose

Statement of Commitment: InternetTY Ltd is committed to providing a safe and supportive service environment for all customers, particularly those who are vulnerable.

Purpose: This policy outlines the measures and procedures in place to identify, support, and protect vulnerable persons.

2. Definitions

Vulnerable Person: A vulnerable person includes, but is not limited to, individuals who are elderly, have disabilities, mental health conditions, or other circumstances that make them particularly susceptible to harm or exploitation.

3. Identification of Vulnerable Persons

Methods of Identification: Vulnerable persons may be identified through self-identification, referrals by third parties (e.g., family members, caregivers), and observations by InternetTY Ltd staff.

Training: Staff will be trained to recognize signs of vulnerability and understand how to interact appropriately with vulnerable customers.

4. Support and Accessibility

Accessible Communication: Communication with vulnerable persons will be clear, accessible, and tailored to their needs (e.g., large print, braille, easy-to-read formats).

Dedicated Support Lines: InternetTY Ltd will provide dedicated support lines or contact points for vulnerable persons to ensure they receive prompt and specialised assistance.

5. Protection Measures

Data Protection: The personal data of vulnerable persons will be handled with extra care and in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Fraud Prevention: InternetTY Ltd will implement measures to protect vulnerable persons from scams and fraudulent activities, including awareness campaigns and fraud detection systems.

6. Service Adjustments

Flexible Payment Options: InternetTY Ltd will offer flexible payment options or financial assistance programs to help vulnerable customers manage their accounts.

Priority Repair Services: Vulnerable persons will receive priority repair services to ensure minimal disruption to their internet services.

7. Feedback and Complaints

Feedback Mechanism: A feedback mechanism will be established to allow vulnerable persons to easily report issues or provide feedback on the services they receive.

Complaints Process: A clear and accessible complaints process will be provided, ensuring that concerns of vulnerable persons are addressed promptly and effectively.

8. Monitoring and Review

Regular Reviews: The policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains effective and up-to-date with best practices and legal requirements.

Performance Monitoring: The performance of the policy will be monitored through metrics such as the number of vulnerable persons identified, support provided, and customer satisfaction levels.

9. Responsibilities

Staff Responsibilities: Staff members are responsible for implementing this policy, including recognizing vulnerable customers and providing appropriate support.

Management Oversight: Senior management will oversee the implementation and effectiveness of the policy.

10. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance: This policy complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as data protection laws, consumer protection laws, and telecommunications regulations.


Resources and Contacts: A list of resources and contacts for further support, including external organizations that provide assistance to vulnerable persons.

Training Materials: Training materials and guidelines for staff to effectively implement the policy.

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